About Me

Following is a biography of who is this behind the keyboard and my long ever lasting passion.

Hello, I’m Bjorn, a 5x, shhhh, “isn’t age a secret”? haha! i am an adopted child, living with a family of 8 members. Adopted? you may ask, yes adopted. but i’ve never felt that i’m being left out in anyway as we loved each other very much and i appreciate my parents and sibblings
a lot for what they have done for me.

Born in the year of 1963, i consider my self lucky cause i get to listen and also went through a lot of wonderful old times. I enjoyed my old times alot… Why am i mentioning all these? it has to do with the radio station, Radio Melody which i will cover in a while.

I like dialects alot, it represents the Chinese different cultures. Its very sad now that many singaporeans knows which dialect groups they are in but yet don’t know how to speak it. Again, why am i mentioning dialects? Ok, this is why radio melody was born.

Music is the key. During my younger days, I would listen to the radio waiting for my favorite songs to be aired. And, I’d sing along with it and it makes me smile… Familiar right? Yes, “the sounds of The Carpenters”. During those days, my dream was to become a deejay spinning music and at the same time can share wonderful memories. Radio and records were the only hobbies that i truly enjoy during my young days cause i use to stay with my grandma, and my uncles use to play them, and radio was my best friend.

Radio melody, more to a nostalgic “an old cake” station cause i played old songs more then new. When i grow up, things change in Singapore, we all have to speak mandarin, so we get to listen to lesss dialect stuff. that’s why Radio Melody, a 24/7 internet radio station is here for me to share music that can’t really be heard on radio stations over here.

I have to thank a few friends who actually fulfil my dream In having this radio station…
The Late Roger Kool, who has done most of my jingles for my station, a brother that i’d always remember who inspired me a lot for radio.
Edwin Khoo, a Xiao Didi that I regard him as for baring my nonsense and also to help me with all odds to get my station and online portal up and going.
Steady Goh, my “Computer Shi Fu” who has gain me lots of knowledge and started me of with the wonders of technology.
My wife who has been walking with me for the past 25 years.
Cheng Kwang, a close friend of mine.
Last but not least, my God Sis who, has always given me lots of support for making the station possible.

This station has been going on for almost 10 years, from 2 to 3 listeners to now quite a number of listeners I am very glad and happy. For those who have been supporting me all these while, I thank you and appreciate your support. May the station continue to grow and have many more listeners who likes and appreciate the music I play and enjoy. After all, the whole purpose is to share good and great music!

Written by Brother Bjorn on 19th March 2017.